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VRK diet

Liquid diet in VRK diet program
* People come under the category of morbid obesity( who are above 90- 100 kg)

* People whose weight loss is stuck for committing a mistake during solid diet.

Not necessary for the remaining people
*Essential items in Liquid diet*

* Starting 10days 90- 100gm fat, 70g from 11th day ( On any day when ever you feel weak, keep adding 10g of fat per servings)

* Lemon-3

* 4 litres of water

* Multivitamin tablets 2( 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening) avoid sugar coated tablets.

* take Omega 3 fatty acid capsule 500mg -1 per day.

*How to take fat?*
* Take fat not more than 20 gram each time either with green tea, veg soup, non veg soup, bulletproof coffee or with lukewarm water+lemon.

* Fat should be taken in small servings and through out the day. This is required to maintain energy levels whole day. If you take fat at a time there are high chances of vomiting, motions, headache etc.

* Soups should be taken during liquid diet (in order to supply salts to the body)

* People who cannot take soups can go for the following method (to provide required salt to the body) Take 1 liter water, add required salt to it and boil. Once water comes to normal temperature add 2 spoons of curd and prepare butter milk you can add lemon if required.