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Vitamins are essential to your overall health. They perform many critical roles in your body, from producing energy to ensuring proper function of bodily systems.

Not getting enough of certain nutrients can negatively impact your health and even result in chronic diseases.

Men aged 19–70 need to make sure to get enough of the following vitamins and minerals (1, 2):

Vitamin A: Necessary for skin, eye and immune health.
Vitamin C: Essential for your immune system and collagen production.
B vitamins: Involved in energy metabolism and red blood cell production.
Calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin K and zinc: Vital for bone health.
Vitamin E and selenium: Help protect your cells from damage.
Because men don’t lose blood monthly as menstruating women do, they’re at a lower risk of iron deficiency anemia. Therefore, iron requirements for men are lower (2).

While these nutrients can be obtained through a balanced diet, most people don’t consume adequate amounts.