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Nutrition Strategies

At Precision Nutrition, we’ve worked with over 45,000 men and women through our nutrition coaching programs. Through this experience we’ve developed an advanced understanding of how workout nutrition strategies should vary from person to person.

What’s true for the pre-diabetic office worker who’s never exercised is certainly not true for the serious endurance runner or the long-time bodybuilder.

In general, the people who stand to benefit most from specific nutritional strategies around their workouts are athletes and competitors. For example:

Endurance athletes training for high-level competition usually log a lot of miles each week. Their carbohydrate and calorie needs are likely higher. Therefore, adding a protein + carbohydrate (P+C) drink during training can help.
Bodybuilders usually lift weights with serious muscle growth in mind. They often want to gain weight and require more protein and calories. A protein + carbohydrate (P+C) drink during training can help here too.
Fitness competitors usually accumulate a lot of exercise hours trying to drop to a single-digit body fat percentage. To accomplish this, carb and calorie intake should be lower. A performance-enhancing, muscle-preserving essential amino acids (EAA) drink during training can help.
Here’s a handy table that outlines our recommendations by goal and by body type.